Friday, April 1, 2016

Tears in April

I took a walk last night and found a bench overlooking a pond near my apartment. 
With classical music streaming on my phone, I decided to take a seat, enjoy the light breeze and contemplate life, (and the realization that April is here and I haven't finished my taxes). 
It wasn't long before the worries flooding my mind were replaced with thoughts of my first love, Jonathan Monis. 
Jon (who I called "Mo"), died six Aprils ago... on the 13th. 
We were in college. 
I'll never forget that day, when my brother called and told me the news. 
Thoughts of Jon opened the door to memories of my dear Giulia, another friend who made the trip to heaven when we were just 15 years old. 
I started thinking about what they'd be like if they were still here. 
Would Giulia be a veterinarian like her dad? What about Mo? Would he have straightened out and got a big job in finance? 
The tears started...  
That empty space tucked deep in my heart was exposed again. 
I saw Giulia's face, her beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes,  remembered our talks on the swing set, our battles with head lice in elementary school, the excitement of playing pranks on our first crushes. 
Then I heard Jon's voice..his jokes... how he would literally make me PEE MY PANTS from laughing so hard.
I don't think I'll ever meet anyone as funny as him.
I remembered our first was on a bench near my parents house, under the stars.

I started talking to them, praying...whatever you want to call it. 
Believing they could hear me brought peace to my heart. 
I told them I loved them. 
I then wiped the tears and headed back home.

Tonight I'm writing this on my phone, sitting inside Whole Foods waiting for the rain to stop. 
My friend Michelle is visiting this weekend and I only have almond milk in my refrigerator.

I was just sitting next to a beautiful young girl.
She was probably 17, pretty blonde hair and I complimented her on her flip flops. 
She told me she got them in Greece while on vacation. 
"I was there for two months this past summer" I quickly replied. 
We then started sharing stories, and before she left she complimented me on my hair (I just got it cut so the rats nest is tame). 
She reached for my hand and asked for my name. 
"Kristin," I said with a smile- so impressed with her maturity and kind heart. 
"Julia" she replied. 
"That was my best friends name...she passed away when we were young," I told her. 
Julia compassionately said she was sorry, and then with a big smile said, 
"Maybe Giulia is coming back and she says she likes your hair!"
My eyes welled up with tears. 
The happy kind. 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Learning Italian at FOX 35

My talented coworker, Mattia, teaches me how to speak ITALIAN. Stay tuned for more behind the scenes fun, and please "like" my FOX page.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

#GDO and the FOX Family

My first FULL SHOW with the Good Day Orlando team was a success! (Thank God) :)
I'll be giving weather and traffic updates every morning, from 4:30 - 9.
It's truly an honor to be part of the FOX family.

Thursday, January 28, 2016


I'm blown away by Jenn Blosil, an INCREDIBLY talented contestant on American Idol.

I found some of her music on YouTube...check out I Will Rise, Make it Better, and Sweet Talk. 

In an interview with Utah's FOX 13, Jenn was asked how she stays grounded in the competition. 

Her response: 

"For me, prayer is a huge part of my life. So staying centered through my purpose in God and just loving the opportunity to share something that I love, helps me stay focused..."

God Bless you Jenn.  

You're a breath of fresh air. 

A picture from Jenn's Instagram.  

Monday, January 18, 2016

Happy Birthday Mama G

Wishing my mother a very Happy Birthday! Love you Mama G, (and so does Facebook- our picture reached over 3,600 people?!?!?)

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

El Nino & the 2015 Hurricane Season

The 2015 Atlantic hurricane season ended with a below-normal 11 named storms, four of which became hurricanes. 

“El Niño produces a see-saw effect, suppressing the Atlantic season while strengthening the eastern and central Pacific hurricane seasons,” said Gerry Bell, Ph.D., lead seasonal hurricane forecaster at NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center. “El Niño intensified into a strong event during the summer and significantly impacted all three hurricanes seasons during their peak months.”
Bell said El Niño suppressed the Atlantic season by producing strong vertical wind shear combined with increased atmospheric stability, stronger sinking motion and drier air across the tropical Atlantic, all of which make it difficult for tropical storms and hurricanes to form and strengthen. However, El Niño fueled the eastern and central Pacific seasons this year with the weakest vertical wind shear on record.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Black Friday?

Mama G and I don't participate in Black Friday.
We stay home and save that $$$.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

#SupraStrong: A Tribute to Ian Supra

I have interviewed politicians, star athletes, and shared a laugh with Ellen DeGeneres, but when I think about the people and experiences that have touched my heart, and inspired me to be better, I think of Ian Supra.
It was February 2014, and I was covering a high school water polo meet that was benefiting Ian's treatments.
The 18-year-old teammate was battling stage IV esophageal cancer.
I remember the look in Ian's eyes when he told me the spots had spread to his liver.
It was one of genuine humility.
He had accepted his cross and was prepared to carry it to the end.
That's what he did.
Ian passed away early this morning at the age of 20.
He fought the good fight, and helped others along the way- raising money and support for a boy with an incurable brain tumor, and a teenager with leukemia.
We will all encounter unavoidable sorrows in life, but when we learn to have patience through them, we become “Supra Strong.”
Thank you Ian, for what you taught me.
I will never forget you.

You never know what's gonna happen, you might get a curve ball but don't let it slow you down...overcome it, just work through it, it's just going to make you stronger in the end.” ~Ian Supra

(Photo: Red Huber/ Orlando Sentinel) 

Sunday, November 15, 2015


Caitlyn Jenner (left), Moira Smith  
Photo: Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

The husband of a hero cop killed on 9/11 returned his wife's Woman of the Year award after Glamour magazine gave the same honor to Caitlyn Jenner.

Moira Smith, 38 was the only female NYPD officer to die during the terrorist attacks, and was posthumously given the magazine's greatest accolade for sacrificing her life to help dozens out of the South tower.

Moira Smith helped save Edward Nicholls, then returned to help others and was killed

Her husband, James Smith took the award off the shelf of his Long Island home and sent it back, along with this letter to Galmour's editor, Cindi Leive, denouncing her decision to put transgender Jenner in the same category as his wife:

Cindi Leive
Glamour Magazine
Conde Nast
1 World Trade Center
New York, NY10007

Dear Ms.Leive,
On October 29th, 2001 I was honored to accept the Glamour Magazine "Woman of the Year Award" posthumously given to my wife, Police Officer Moira Smith. Moira was killed on September 11th, 2001 while rescuing thousands from the World Trade Center. EMT Yamel Merino was also posthumously honored that evening for her heroism.
I was shocked and saddened to learn that Glamour has just named Bruce Jenner "Woman of the Year". I find it insulting to Moira Smith's memory, and the memory of other heroic women who have earned this award. Was there no woman in America, or the rest of the world, more deserving than this man? At a time when we have women in the armed forces fighting and dying for our country, heroic doctors fighting deadly diseases, women police officers and firefighters putting their lives on the line for total strangers, brave women overcoming life threatening diseases…the list of possibilities goes on…is this the best you could do?
I can only guess that this was a publicity stunt meant to resuscitate a dying medium.
After discussing this slap in the face to the memory of our Hero with my family, I have decided to return Moira's award to Glamour Magazine.
James J Smith.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Miracle on Hope Street

By Kristin Giannas
Monday, November 9, 2015

To a toddler, the story of Archangel Michael is simple- he fights the dragon at his feet and wins.
That’s how Nikki Miceli explains it to her 3-year-old son Anthony, who is battling neuroblastoma, or tumors in his lungs.
“I’ll never give up on trying to find a cure for him, and I’ll never give up on a miracle happening,” Miceli said, standing outside the shrine of Archangel Michael at 113 Hope St.
Crowd outside chapel
Hundreds gathered there on Sunday, believers who attribute countless miracles to the shrine, and a small icon of Archangel Michael inside.
According to the Orthodox Christian faith, Archangel Michael is the highest ranking angel, believed to defend mankind from danger, and is commemorated every year on November 8.
The shrine is evidence of that faith, built after Goldie Parr’s 11-year-old brother Steve Tsalickis, was cured of a terminal brain tumor in 1939.
“He asked to hold a small icon of Archangel Michael that my mother had gotten from her island of Symi,” Parr said, adding that her brother was confined to a hospital bed and given two weeks to live by a team of doctors at St. Josephs Hospital in Tampa.
“As soon as she gave it to him, he put the icon on his chest and he started mumbling, and my mother thought that would be the end- but Archangel Michael came to him and brought him to where it’s built right now- we had an empty lot to build a house, and he said, ‘Steve, I will make you well if you promise to build a shrine for me here,’” Parr said.
Steve was cured of his tumor, and Parr’s family was obedient to the 11-year-old’s vision, building the shrine to house the small icon of Archangel Michael.
According to Parr, Abbot Chrysanthos Maroulakis gave her mother the icon during a visit to The Panormitis in 1937, a centuries-old monastery located off the coast of Greece, built by the Symian people in honor of their island’s protector, Archangel Michael.
A Visit to The Panormitis: Symi, Greece
“Here we become witnesses of the living faith of the people,” Georgios Petropoulos said, theologian and author of the book, History and Miracles of the Panormitis. 
Petropoulos says over 7,000 pilgrims come to celebrate the Feast Day of Archangel Michael every year. panormiti wide
“You see people that come on their knees from the ship all the way to the icon inside, in order to offer their prayers and their supplications to the Archangel; to either ask for a request, a favor, or to offer thanks for that which has already been given to them,” Petropoulos said.
The 17th century church, located in the center of the monastery’s courtyard, is filled with “tamata” or offerings of oil lanterns and gold, much of which has been pinned in front of a 2-meter high silver-leafed icon of the Panormiti.
“I think it takes something to knock you over, to shock you to sort of start believing,” Rev. Fr. Manuel Lykopandis of Australia said, who credits the Panormiti for his decision to become a Greek Orthodox priest.
Lykopandis says about twenty years ago, when he was doubting the existence of God, he wrote a letter to the Panormiti, placed it in a glass bottle along with a donation, and threw it into Apollo Bay in southwestern Victoria.
“I forgot about it, to be quite honest,” Lykopandis said, who went on recount that two years later, he received a receipt on monastery letterhead, thanking him for the donation that washed ashore.
“From that making it’s way to the Panormiti was the biggest miracle for me, where my faith just grew, and I started to believe there was something eternal,” Lykopandis said.
What Lykopandis experienced is a recurring miracle unique to this monastery, according to Petropoulos.
“There are people nowadbottlesays as well as in the past, who couldn’t come here for some reason, so they would send through the waves of the sea a small bottle with a letter in which they would write the problem that either they themselves were having or that of their loved ones, and many times there is money inside these bottles, even jewelry, which they would send in this uncertain way to the Archangel,” Petropoulos said.
Dozens of these bottles from all over the world are now on display inside a museum at the monastery.
The Perceived Will of Archangel Michael
The exact date of the founding of the monastery is unknown, but frescoes inside the church and the silver plating on the icon of the Panormiti date back to the 1700s.
Petropoulos points to tradition that tells of a pious woman named Maria, who found a small icon of Archangel Michael on land she owned near the monastery.
After bringing the icon into her home in Symi, it miraculously returned back to the exact same place where it was discovered, according to Petropoulos.
“The woman along with the clergy and the people of the island perceived the will of the Archangel and they built the first small church where they placed the icon of Archangel Michael,” Petropoulos said.
Watching the Passing of Miracles
Many believe the shrine in Tarpon Springs was also the will of Archangel Michael, revealed through an 11-year-old boy.
Steve Tsalickis would become a high school guidance counselor and business owner before passing away in 2007 at the age of 78.
“I’m glad that I’m here to take care of it, and maybe God will give me a couple more years,” Parr said, who lives next to the shrine and opens the doors at 7 a.m each day.
Parr has been around long enough to know that not every prayer is answered, but she says, that’s part of the mystery.
“A lot of people come, and they kneel and they pray, and you see them crying…I think that’s wonderful- there’s still faith, there’s still hope,” Parr said.
shrine icon
Little Anthony is going into surgery on Monday, to replace his chemotherapy port before receiving more treatments this month.
His mother has been taking him to the shrine for the past six weeks, and believes Archangel Michael is hearing her prayers.
“We’ve noticed a dramatic change- his energy level is different, he’s eating, he started responding to treatment,” Miceli said.
She’s learning to take life one day at a time and understands that nothing is guaranteed.
“If you get that miracle- that’s great, if not, there’s a reason for everything that happens, I don’t know the reason, but God gave us this path to go down,” Miceli said.
In the meantime, Miceli will continue visiting the shrine and lighting her candles.  She’s inspired by the angel who always wins.

Fr. Michael Marcantoni blesses Anthony Miceli, 3, on the Feast Day of Archangel Michael on Sunday

Friday, October 30, 2015


Good morning!
I'm plotting and analyzing this lovely Skew-T diagram.  #Thermodynamics #Meteorology

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Trip to the Motherland

My trip to Greece was AMAZING. 
I spent a lot of time on the island of Rhodes, where my grandparents are from. 
For the first time, I was able experience the places that I visited only in my mind, when my yiayia (grandmother) used to tell me stories of her home country.
As I explored her village, I took in my surroundings and felt her presence all around me. 
It was truly remarkable. 

With my cousin Apostoli 

I took this photograph in Rhodes, during my morning run :) 

Inside the Panormitis Monastery in Symi 

I am working on a short documentary on one of the famous monasteries I visited. Here's a preview: